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Spiral Wound Gasket


General Properties:

SWG are semi-metallic gaskets owing to their special construction, SWG can be used at high temperature like metal gasket.


The basic element of spiral wound gaskets consist of a V-shaped metal strip spirally wound in combination with a soft, filler material. The metal strip provides outstanding resilience, while the flexible filler guarantees excellent sealing.

Spiral wound gaskets can be specified with outer and/or inner rings, depending on the application. Spiral wound gaskets applied in the main power connection usually have both a metal inner ring and outer ring. Spiral wound gaskets used in force shunts usually do not have metal inner or outer rings.


Through precision engineering, the spiral wound gasket, available in unlimited configurations of high quality metals and materials, is tailored individually to meet the demands of each application. With its unique ability to adapt with flexibility and recovery to the effects of pressure and temperature fluctuations, bolt stress relaxation and creep. Spiral-wound gaskets are used in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants. They are well suited for sealing of flanges with high pressure and thermal demands. Sealability is outstanding and wide application range is possible for various of piping and equipment.

Available Style:

1001 R

Spiral Wound Gasket basic type
1001 IRSpiral Wound Gasket with inner ring
1001 CRSpiral Wound Gasket with outer ring
1001 CRIRSpiral Wound Gasket with both inner and outer rings
1001 FHESpiral Wound Gasket for heat exchanger
1001 SSHSpiral Wound Gasket in special shape

For more information, please download the Technical Data.