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Spiral Wound Gasket Delivered To Mexico

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Spiral wound gasket is a widely used sealing gasket. Spiral wound gasket can withstand high temperature and pressure, and can be used under ultra-low temperature or vacuum conditions. Spiral wound gaskets are ideal static sealing elements for flange connections such as valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and manholes. The spiral wound gasket is formed by alternately winding V-shaped or W-shaped steel strips and various non-metallic fillers, among which the non-metallic filler plays a sealing role. The spiral wound gasket can solve the chemical corrosion problem of various media on the sealing gasket by changing the material combination of the gasket. In order to strengthen the main body and accurately locate, the spiral wound gasket is also made with a metal inner ring and an outer ring, and the structural density can be made according to different locking force requirements.

Spiral wound gaskets have always been our company's main product, mainly sold to Europe, Latin America, South America, Southeast Asia etc...