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Modifited PTFE



As PTFE is a thermoplastic product, it easily softens at high temperature and is also subject to cold flow. Under high bolt tightening, sealing stress is reduced by cold flow. Modified PTFE Product which improve anti-creep property is recommended for the services more than 100℃.

Available Style:

Filled material



Glass fiber

● Outstanding anti-cold flow and anti-creep property compared to pure PTFE;

● Better abrasion resistance and chemical media resistance compared to pure PTFE;

● Keep the bolt load, not only improve the persistence of the sealability, but also reduce the maintenance of the flange.

Suitable for chemical, petrochemical and power plants, etc... Especially suitable for food, pulp, paper, pharmaceutical industry, etc… where requires no pollution to the environment.

Carbon fiber

● Resistant to ultra high temperature and fatigue under non-oxidation environment;

● Good corrosion resistance;

● Good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, electromagnetic shielding property.

Suitable for almost all chemicals except oxidizing acids, such as sulfuring acid, nitric acid, etc…

Molybdenum disulfide

● Diamagnetic.

Suitable for high temperature and high pressure environment.


Resistant to high temperature and high strength;

Enhance the wear resistance properties.

Suitable for high temperature environment.


● Improve the physical properties, mechanical properties and abrasion resistance of the PTFE composite.

Widely used in hydraulic cylinder, cylinder sealing components, machine tool guideway, air compressor oil free piston ring, etc…


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