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Kammprofile Metal Gasket


General Properties:

Kammprofile Metal Gaskets are gaskets with concentric serration grooves on the flat metal face to form a serrated cross section.


Kammprofile Metal Gaskets consist of a metal core with concentric serration grooves and then covered with a soft material layer on both surfaces upon request tightly pressed into the grooves. Thus, a slim layer between the tips of the profile and the sealing area (flange surface) is created.


Kammprofile Metal Gaskets are used in refineries, chemical, petrochemical plants, etc…They are well suited for high-pressure pipe flanges, vessels and valves.

Available Style:

1040 L1

1040 L2

1040 L3

Kammprofile Metal Gasket Basic Type

Kammprofile Metal Gasket with outer ring (integrated)

Kammprofile Metal Gasket with outer ring (separating)

For more information, please download the Technical Data.


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