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Graphite Cut Gasket


Production technics:

Expanded graphite is a material processed from pure natural graphite by chemical treatment and heat treatment at more than 1000℃. This is material provides outstanding heat and chemical resistance, and is excellent for gaskets with high flexibility and low creep.

General Properties:

The sealability remains almost the same throughout a range of cryogenic to high temperature (400℃). Excellent chemical resistance to almost all liquids other than strong oxidizing acids, etc… Since cold flow and creep property are minor, it is not affected by over-tightening of gasket.


Graphite gasket are cut from graphite sheets or graphite sheets with metal reinforcement.

Kammprofile graphite gasket tape is a self-adhesive tape with a peel off backing and it can easily be installed to all dimensions and shapes.

Available Style:



1701 W


Expanded Graphite Gasket

Graphite Gasket reinforced with Stainless Steel

Binded Graphite Gasket reinforced with Stainless Steel

Kammprofile Graphite Gasket

For more information, please download the Technical Data.


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