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Expanded PTFE Tape



Expanded PTFE Tape is made from imported PTFE raw material. It has all the properties of PTFE and resistant to almost all corrosive media. It's the ideal substitute for the flange.


Soft, twistable and bendable, easily to be used and replaced

Excellent sealing property

Excellent anti-wriggle variation property and cold current resistance, long service life

Environmental protection, no pollution

General specifications can be used in numerous equipments, reduce the storage and save money


Expanded PTFE Tape is applicable for pipeline valves in food industry, chemical plant, breweries, oil refinery, etc.

Available dimensions:

Width: 3.0 ~ 50 (mm)

Thickness: 2.0 ~ 10 (mm)

Length will be customized according to customer's request.

Technical Data:

Working temperature: -260℃ ~ +260℃

Working pressure: 200kgf/cm2 in the liquid sealing, 140kgf/cm2 in the gas sealing

Density: 0.8 g/cm3


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