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Corrugated Metal Gasket


General Properties:

Corrugated Metal Gaskets are gaskets with corrugated cross section. They are versatile sealing element where the available bolt loads are low.


Corrugated Metal Gaskets consist of a metal core with a soft material layer on both surfaces upon request, the layers usually made of graphite or PTFE. The corrugations provide resilience and reduce the sealing contact surface area of the gasket while the soft material layer ensures outstanding sealing, even at low loads.


Corrugated Metal Gaskets are particularly suite to heat exchanger applications as a replacement of metal jacketed gaskets. These gaskets are the perfect gaskets for refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants. They are well suitable for sealing of steel flanges as well as glas lined steel flanges with high pressure and thermal demands.

Available Style:


Corrugated Metal Gasket

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